Osadha – Meditation Teacher

Osadha first started meditating in the Dublin Buddhist Centre in 1993. At that time he had begun to ask questions about what life was all about and if it had a deeper meaning than just survival.

Sophie Moore

Sophie discovered Yoga in 2010 when she started practicing Bikram yoga in Dublin and after many years of practice and researching the market she founded Hot Yoga Studios Dundrum.

Laurel Gosselin

Laurel has been teaching at Hot Yoga Dundrum since 2019

Dr. Alison Clancy

Dr Alison Clancy PhD, MSc, RNT, BNS, RGN, HDNS, Pgrad (teaching and learning) is currently an assistant professor in UCD. She has trained in a number of different yoga linages including ashtanga, vinyasa and forrest yoga.
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Esther Moser

Esther Moser is a senior Kundalini, Hormone and Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience under her belt.

Doug Robson

On the training Doug covers Inversion practice (headstands, handstands, forearm stands) and Meditation & Mindfulness. Doug has been a stuntman for 7 years and been in an extensive list of Hollywood productions including, Star Wars, James Bond, Mission Impossible, The Kingsman 2 and The Avengers.

Chris Kane

Chris grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and spent most of his adolescent life playing American football, baseball and track & field. An active life in sports led to several injuries

Jules Gavin

As yoga began to transform her life, she wanted to share with others the power of yoga so decided to do her teacher training.

Kasia Eliasz

Kasia discovered yoga when she was fifteen, since then she constantly was following a yogic path by bringing meditation and a physical practice into her daily routine.

Sarah Lafferty

After a year of deep practice and training I came back to Ireland to find that Sophie had opened the Dundrum Hot Yoga Studio right next door to my house!