Online & In Person Yoga Courses and Yoga Teacher Training Center

Hot Yoga Dundrum was where we started our yoga journey & have many fond memories there.

Now you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures at our yoga retreats or trainings in Portugal.

6 Reasons to Practice Yoga or Train with us

Balance Your Body

Reshape your body – reduce injury, improve muscle tone and flexibility to combat tension and strain. Increases blood flow to boost metabolic rate, encouraging weight loss and healthy cells

Lower stress

Yoga calms & centers the nervous system. Lower anxiety and stress and improve your mood. Yoga has been proven to help decrease depression and increases happiness.


Yoga sharpens attention and concentration and increases brain function


Focus within – improve and control your breathing and learn to meditate


Advance lung capacity through breathing, increase circulation, strengthen the immune response, reduce inflammation, massage the Lymphatic System which prevents diseases and bacteria from entering your body