The Yin Yoga Teacher Training is for those students who love yin yoga and wish to know more about the practice for their own well being and self development
2022/01/15 12:00:00

About – Online Hormone Yoga Teacher Training Course

Join Esther Moser for this Yoga Alliance approved 25-Hour Online Hormone Yoga Training. It runs over 2 weekends from 10.00pm to 5.00pm with 1 hour for lunch. The dates for the live classes are :

Weekend 1: 15th & 16th January 2022

Weekend 2: 12th & 13th February 2022 

This course also offers all the benefits of online instruction without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio trainings.

Convenience, flexibility, and a comprehensive curriculum that can prepare you for students at every stage of their practice. The course is approximately 25 hours long (a combination of 25 hours live training & recorded video content, reading, practice & self study). It also includes visual learning tools, video sessions and your printable teacher training manual.

If you miss any of the live studio sessions you can catch up by watching the recordings on Google Classroom. Keep in mind that this is not a substitute for a 200hr certification but it can be taken before or after a 200hr course for those who are on a teaching path.

Who is this for?

Required Reading: Hormone Yoga by Dinah Rodrigues

‘Happily Hormonal’ Yoga Online Training 2022

Course Content

• The life of a woman and its possible effects on her hormonal balance
• Basic glandular anatomy & physiology theory and application
• Introduction to chakras, muscles and meridian system, and its
connection to hormones
• Lifecycles of a woman and changes for her yoga practice
• Why meditation and relaxation may work – and why not. Gentle
introduction to trauma-sensitive yoga
• How to create a safe space for your ‘Happily Hormonal’ Practice
• Hormone-specific asana sequences, mudras and pranayama
• Why using your mind to improve your hormones is a good idea and
• How to do that
• What lifestyle and nutrition have to do with your hormones
• References and resources

Recommended materials for the training weekends
• A good internet connection & quiet space to yourself
• Notebook and pencils
• Water bottle, light snacks
• Yoga mat, bolster/ pillow, blanket, eye cover
• Comfortable clothing made of natural fibres

We can’t wait to welcome you on this course.            


What You’ll Get:

• In-depth and lifelong knowledge-based skills about how to keep your
body-mind-spirit connection healthy and happy
• 16 hours of life video tutorials
• 8 targeted yoga and meditation classes
• Specific pranayama, mudras, asanas and acupressure for being
Happily Hormonal
• Upskilled hormonal anatomy and physiology knowledge
• A comprehensive, downloadable curriculum
• Delivered by experienced teacher with eclectic medical, therapeutic
and yogic background
• Google Classroom access to catch up, repeat and
explore in your own time
• Access to closed community group of likeminded women
• Active teacher support via email for the entire duration of the training
•  25-hour certificate after having
completed your multiple choice exam

Welcome to our ‘Happily Hormonal’ Online Yoga Training with Esther Moser.

Esther has been passionate about women’s health since her initial training as
a paediatric, obstetric and neonatal nurse some decades ago; A yoga
practitioner from early on, she became a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 1999 and
taught for 20 years in Mayo, all over Ireland and internationally. 10 years ago
she invited Dinah Rodrigues, founder of ‘Hormone Yoga Therapy’, to come to
Dublin and qualified as a Hormone Yoga Therapist. Combined with elements
of Yin Yoga, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and Meridian Energy Work, ‘Happily
Hormonal’ Yoga Training is a powerful, effective tool to get ‘being hormonal’
a joyful way of practice and of being.
Welcome being part of this transformational change!


Who can participate?
The ‘Happily Hormonal’ Yoga Training is for women of all ages (over 18), who
would like to understand better the workings of their glandular system and its
far-reaching effects into every cell of our bodies, its interactions with our mind
and the ways how we perceive the world around us.

If you are already a yoga teacher you will get a set of skills you can use to
make a powerful impact into today’s world of many women by teaching
‘Happily Hormonal’ Yoga in your community. It can help women to step into
their innate powers instead of accepting a lifelong vulnerability and
unnecessary suffering through the unpredictable waves of hormonal
imbalances and their medical, emotional and societal effects.

If you are an experienced yoga student you’ll deepen the knowledge of a
hormone-balancing practice and how use it to improve your health on and
off the mat.

Never rolled out a yoga mat before or did just a basic course years ago?
You are welcome to join anyhow and will benefit greatly.
The how, why and when of the practical part will be explained in detail and
easy to follow with beginners, intermediate and advanced versions; You will
learn also many little ways of improving your health and your mood, while
gently working on your longevity, improved aging and much more.

Please keep in mind that this course does not replace a basic 200-h Yoga
Teacher Certification course, but will add significantly to your skills before or
after your basic training.

That’s it, dear friends. Once you’re logged in, all you’ll need to do is find a comfortable seat, take a deep breath, and settle in. 

Join us for Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training is for those students who love yin yoga and wish to know more about the practice!