The Yin Yoga Teacher Training is for those students who love yin yoga and wish to know more about the practice for their own well being and self development
2022/09/23 12:00:00

Join us for Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training - €399.00


Online Live training takes place on 23rd to 25th September 2022 

Self Paced Training – Starts when your ready! Email us for access to our pre-recorded self paced training now.

About the course

Join our School Founder Sophie, for this Yoga Alliance approved Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training. This training runs over 3 days on Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 4.00pm and is a combination of live & recorded videos. This course offers all the benefits of online instruction without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio trainings. With the live sessions you will be able to interact and get to know your teacher and fellow students. All students will participate in teaching practice which is a very valuable tool to improve your skills & knowledge and you will also get feedback & mentorship from the teacher.

Convenience, flexibility, and a comprehensive curriculum that can prepare you for students at every stage of their practice. The course is approximately 25 hours long and includes visual learning tools, video sessions and your printable teacher training manual. If you miss any of the live studio sessions you can catch up by watching the recordings on Google Classroom. Keep in mind that this is not a substitute for a 200hr certification but it can be taken before or after a 200hr course for those who are on a teaching path.

Who is this for?

This Training is for those students who wish to teach pregnant students safely or for those who are pregnant themselves and would like to practice more safely. It is also for experienced yoga instructors looking for ongoing training and new instructors looking for guidance and support to help you begin your teaching journey.

Course Content:

  • Benefits of yoga for pregnancy and birth.
  • Safety Guidelines for pregnant students.
  • Modifying the postures for the various stages of pregnancy.
  • The three trimesters: overview of physiological changes for mum and baby.
  • Postural alignment for pregnancy.
  • Working with props for pregnancy.
  • Restorative Yoga for pregnancy.
  • Yoga Nidra and Visualisation for pregnancy.
  • Benefits & applications of squatting and pelvic floor toning during pregnancy.
  • Sounding/Chanting for pregnancy and birth.
  • Applied Anatomy for prenatal yoga: back or pelvic problems & other common complaints.

The recommended materials for this training include: 

  • meditation cushion
  • bolster
  • blanket
  • pen/paper (or notebook)
  • candles

By joining this Online Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training program, you will receive:

  • 25 hours of live video content.
  • 8 Yoga Classes.
  • Access to Google Classroom to catch up on any missed live sessions at your own pace.
  • Yoga Alliance approved 25 Hour Certificate.
  • Teacher and community support.

When you refine your skills as a teacher and improve the quality of your classes, the more:

  • joy and fulfillment you’ll get
  • repeat and consistent students you’ll have
  • you’ll be able to charge higher prices for a sustainable career
  • the impact you’ll have on your students’ health and well-being
  • word of mouth (aka the free marketing you’ll get!)
  • you’ll grow in elegant confidence as an inspiring teacher and be recognised as a professional making a difference