James Dwyer

“Throughout my life of running and strength training, I had amassed a series of injuries, which went largely ignored. When I reached my 40’s, I realised I wouldn’t be able to continue damaging my body in this way, so I signed up for a yoga class at Hot Yoga Dundrum. The studio has been welcoming and I look forward to continuing my yoga journey into my later years.”

Chris Kane – teacher training

“Completing my 200-hour teacher training though Hot Yoga Dundrum was life changing for me. The breadth of content, knowledgeable instructors and practical assessments built the foundation to become confident in my own practice and share the knowledge with my students.”

Malcolm O′Kelly – Rugby

“I first took up Yoga while playing professional rugby it was beneficial in recovery and developing and improving flexibility. Retiring from rugby I found yoga a great way to not only keep fit and toned but still develop my flexibility.”

Shane Martens – Tag Rugby World Cup

Having been chosen to play for Ireland in the Tag World Cup, Hot Yoga was a natural choice. I’m more flexible and mobile and the environment in which we practise Yoga is peaceful and tranquil. Hot Yoga Dundrum is the perfect venue for just switching off at the end of the day and focusing on you.