Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Join our School Founder Sophie, for Yin Yoga Teacher Training which starts on 22nd September 2020.

Sophie has over 800 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and has completed Yin Yoga training with Josh Summers & Bernie Clark. She has been running her Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School since 2017 and loves sharing this wisdom, the joy & peace that yoga brings with students & teachers alike.

This Yin Yoga Training is an evening online course and takes place 2 evenings per week on Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 9pm.

This course offers all the benefits of online instruction without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio trainings. With the live sessions you will be able to interact and get to know your teacher and fellow students. There will also be an opportunity to teach your own Yin Yoga class in our studio on completion of the course.

Convenience, flexibility, and a comprehensive curriculum that can prepare you for students at every stage of their practice.

The course is approximately 30 hours long and includes visual learning tools, video sessions and your printable teacher training manual.

If you miss any of the live studio sessions you can catch up by watching the recordings on Google Classroom.

Keep in mind that this is not a substitute for a 200hr certification but it can be taken before or after a 200hr course for those who are on a teaching path.

Who Is This For?

  • Yoga teachers who wish to offer yin yoga classes
  • Students who love yin yoga and wish to know more about the practice for their own well being and self development
  • Experienced yoga instructors looking for new information and ongoing training
  • New instructors looking for guidance and support
  • Anyone who loves Yin Yoga

What’s Included

This online training is broken down into two sections:
  1. Philosophy and Practical Applications
  2. Teaching Yin Yoga

The first section looks at the history and origins of this practice as well as the components that define it. We’ll explore the principles of Yin, the benefits and the energetic body.

As a yin yoga instructor, your students will look to you for guidance and will place their trust in your understanding of asanas, sequencing and theming of a class.

Your students will also turn to you for your yoga philosophy, your ability to express yourself clearly, and your empathy and observational skills. This course can help you build strength in all of these areas.

By joining this Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training program, you will receive:

30 hours of live video content

8 yin yoga classes

Access to Google Classroom to catch up on any missed live sessions at your own pace

Access to a private Facebook group to share ideas and resources with your fellow students

An in-depth 100-page PDF teacher training manual

Yoga Alliance approved certificate of completion

There will also be an opportunity to teach your own Yin Yoga class in our studio on completion of the course.

Teacher and community support

There will also be an opportunity to teach your own Yin Yoga class in our studio on completion of the course.




Yin Yoga Teacher Training Manual (PDF)

What is Yin Yoga?

Principles of Yin Yoga

Yin vs. Restorative

Setting Up & Preparing for Yin

Your Practice & The Best Time to Practice Yin Yoga

Yin & Yang

One full length yin yoga classes

Physical & Emotional Benefits

Mental Benefits

Intro to Meridians


Sequencing & Teaching Yin

Sequencing Tips

Sequencing by Peak Pose

Two full length yin yoga classes

Sequencing for special conditions

Two full length yin yoga classes

Sequencing by Theme

Two full length yin yoga classes

Hatha vs Yin Yoga Names


Modifying Asanas


Breathing Techniques

Teaching Tips


When you refine your skills as a teacher and improve the quality of your classes, the more:

– joy and fulfillment you’ll get

– repeat and consistent students you’ll have

– you’ll be able to charge higher prices for a sustainable career

– the impact you’ll have on your students’ health and well-being

– word of mouth (Aka the free marketing you’ll get!)

– you’ll grow in elegant confidence as an inspiring teacher and be recognised as a professional making a difference

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