Tiago Silva

Holistic Therapist/Healer
Chris grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and spent most of his adolescent life playing American football, baseball and track & field. An active life in sports led to several injuries

Graduated in Occupational Therapy, within the health technologies considered to be the most Holistic Therapy, Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist, has come since graduated, to work with people with the most varied health problems and functional and occupational difficulties, since the early years of life to the elderly. Specialised in the approaches in Sensory Integration, Visual Deficiency, Hand Rehabilitation, Neurological and Orthopedic Rehabilitation, he combines all his experience of working in a hospital and private context with adults and children, to his personal experience and work with himself. Creator and Facilitator of Co-Nectar “Healing, self-development and consciousness”.

Specialized in approaching children with learning disabilities, developmental problems and often
without a defined diagnosis. In addition to individual work with children, follow-up work with their parents is essential. Often they carry the weight of being a full-time caregiver, who have a lot of doubts and questions about the problem or what to do to better help their children with difficulties, adding to the pressure of society and socio-economic issues, it is urgent that as parents have this space and understanding not only about the problems of their children but also about themselves.

In following the path of his own self-development he came across different Masters of wisdom, from the Asian approaches such as the Buddhistic way of meditation, to the philosophy of Yoga that comes from India, to more modern and contemporary therapeutic techniques, to spiritual healing and the Shamanism traditions from south America. He considers himself a seeker and a helper of others.

Musician and passionate about music and sound, he uses different musical instruments that he
combines with his work with people. From the voice that is the main instrument to the instruments of rhythm that connect us with the earth, the instruments of breath that connect us with the air and help us to “travel” in deep relaxation. Sound is used as a form of healing mainly.

For many years we have come to accept that going to a doctor is the only hope for health. With
permanent cost increases, misdiagnoses, reliance on prescriptions and medication, and then more
prescriptions to lessen the side effects of the first medication. We need a shift in our understanding of a clear way of our own health.

We can learn the true cause behind the behaviors and standards of living associated with our health problems by exploring essential steps to achieve healthy habits and patterns and tools that help us in our day to day lives.

We come to a time when more than cure a problem that manifests itself in the physical, we need to rescue our essence, reconnect with our inner and superior, rescue our health and find peace in our physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual development.

From the various practices that make up Yoga like, Integral Yoga, Yoga for Kids and Families, Yoga for the special child and accessible yoga, to meditation, bioenergetics, reiki, energetic healing, and other approaches, using music, sound and movement, the work is conducted within what one needs in the moment always with respect for his individuality.

My life quote: “Inspire every step of the way”

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