Sophia – Founder of Hot Yoga Studios

Sophia discovered Yoga in 2010 when she started practicing Bikram yoga in Dublin and after many years of practice and researching the market she founded Hot Yoga Studios Dundrum. Sophia initially trained as a yoga teacher in 2012 and then travelled to Koh Phangan, Thailand in 2017 to deepen her knowledge of yoga and mindfulness and expand her practice.

The style of yoga that she is passionate about teaching is a dynamic hot vinyasa flow with an emphasis on meditation in movement and encouraging students to stay present throughout their practice. Over the last 2 years Sophia, along with their team of instructors, have built a warm welcoming studio and a wonderful community where their members feel at home and have become their good friends. Their aim is to spread inspiration for joyful living and to share the yoga love.




Sarah Lafferty

I believe the benefits of yoga are for every body, shape, size, age, gender and level of fitness. In every class I teach, I encourage you to listen deeply to your own body, and move and breath according to its whispers… It is from here, this quiet place deep inside all of us, that the magic of this ancient practice bears fruit.

I was first introduced to yoga by my mother when I was 8. I then I dipped in and out of the practice before qualifying as a teacher in 2012. I immediately took a position as an assistant with the Awakened Life School of Yoga in Bali and devoted the next year to full-time study and practice. I have since studied with many teachers including international teachers Donna Farhi, Lisa Patterson and Brian Ingles. I am currently studying to become a Somatic Movement Educator. 


Veronica Vincenzi

Veronica comes from Bologna – Italy, where she started her yoga journey in 2010 at the age of thirty. Driven by the great passion for Yoga, in the summer of 2011, she achieved the TTC 200h Yoga Alliance certificate at the India Yoga School of Mysore – India with Bharath Shetty. In September 2011 she had started to teach in several places around Bologna, becoming a full-time hatha yoga teacher. In the meantime she continued her training with Jones Tonelli and other famous Italian teachers for several years, attending many workshops and courses on Pranayama, Mudras and Bandhas, Yoga Nidra techniques and Mantras study.

Giulia Babolin

Coming from a family of athletes, Giulia has been exposed to sport and movement from a very
young age. Giulia has been practicing acroyoga and yoga for the last few years and has
undertaken two acrobatics and acroyoga teacher training courses, completing her teaching
Certificates in Partner Acrobatics and AcroYoga International. Giulia is also a 200RYT,
certified and trained in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Aerial yoga, Hatha and Yin. AcroYoga is a
really powerful discipline for Giulia that combines strength, body awareness, mutual trust and most
importantly, respect for others and the self.
During her extensive travels in India, South-East Asia, Pacific and Europe, she had the opportunity to practice and meet acro
communities from all over the world, enriching her practice and teaching style. Giulia is eager
to spread this beautiful practice and to share it with whoever crosses her path worldwide. Her
wish is to continue exploring and learning from different disciplines, schools and inspiring
humans. All the while, growing as an acroyoga and yoga teacher and movement practitioner.
Giulia teaches: AcroYoga, PartnerAcrobatics , AcroFIT, Aerial Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga,
Therapeutic Flying and Thai Massage.